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The Eating Guide: 14 great places to eat in Savannah, GA

This post is about my absolute favorite places to eat in Savannah. I’ve been in the area just shy of 10 years, so I’ve accumulated a few of restaurants to my list. As a disclaimer, almost none of these restaurants are fast food or chains. I like it that way: cooked food wins over cheaply fried any day! These are in no particular order because my appetite is strongly affected by what I’m in the mood for. I’ve also recently cut meat out of my diet, so I’m currently exploring healthier options. Some of my recommendations are vegetarian friendly, some aren’t, but all of them are seriously delicious.

1. Another Broken Egg Cafe: Situated snugly in Pooler, Ga (Just North of Savannah), Another Broken Egg is one of my favorite breakfast and brunch spots. My favorite things on their menu are the Shrimp and Grits and the addicting biscuit beignets. The atmosphere is always great there, and the owners are super sweet. If you decide to visit on the weekend, I recommend getting there early: it can get crowded pretty quickly!

2. Spudnik: Spudnik is a hidden gem, in my opinion, that I stumbled upon downtown while waiting for my nail appointment. It’s right on the end of Broughton street, near MLK. Spudnik’s niche is gourmet potato bowls- yes, you read that correct. GOURMET. POTATO. BOWLS. Here’s the menu, where they create russet potato-based bowls as well as sweet potato-based bowls. I’ve never had a bad potato, but I highly recommend The Potatolé (a russet potato topped with Monterrey jack cheese, nacho chips, jalapenos, and black beans, with optional meat) and The Savory (sweet potato topped with feta cheese, black beans, sour cream, and green onion, which I was pleasantly surprised that I love!) . I’ve also have friends who swear by The Lone Star and The Monterrey. P.S. The restaurant’s menu changes seasonally, so the best place to view the current menu is in person. Last time we visited, there was a holiday-themed russet potato topped with dressing, turkey, gravy, and cranberry sauce, which isn’t on the online menu. 

3. Metro Diner: Metro diner is one of the best places to eat in the Tanger outlets of Pooler. (There’s also a “Metro Diner Cafe” in Atlanta which isn’t the same as this one. At all.) This place is usually crowded as well, but the service is speedy and the food arrives fresh and quickly! From their menu, the chicken and waffles is a famous favorite, especially when accompanied by their strawberry butter and spicy syrup. They also have an interesting spin on traditional shrimp and grits: the grits are fried into little cakes and topped with a seasoned shrimp-sausage-creole style sauce.

4. The 5 spot : The 5 spot has been a favorite of mine for a while now. The seating is so cozy and intimate! One of my favorite appetizers from their dinner menu is the Creamy Collard Greens and Bacon dip, which is their spin on spinach dip. It’s sooooo good! It comes with your choice of pita chips or tortilla chips. (Pita is my fav.) My brunch appetizer of choice are the Bonuts, which are deep fried biscuit dough balls, served with a berry compote and a cream cheese sauce. It’s just the right amount of sweet! My favorite dishes for breakfast and brunch are: Shrimp and Grits, Sweet Potato Hash, and the French Toast. My lunch/dinner recommendations are the Chicken Pot Pie, the Shrimp and Grits (of course) and the Blacked Chicken Alfredo. It’s located in Habersham, so grab yourself a praline from River Street Sweets while you’re there. 🙂

5. Olde Pink House Restaurant: I first went to the Pink House Restaurant in college, for my roommate’s birthday. We dressed up and went to our reserved table, and had a great time. One thing I remember distinctly is the singing lady: she comes around, dressed in a big beautiful dress and sings from table to table. (Oh, and she can SING-SING!) Anyway, back to the food: my favorite dish from their menu is the Pecan Crusted Chicken Breast with Blackberry Bourbon Glaze served with a Sweet Potato with Pecan Vanilla Butter and Collards. (It’s as heavenly as it sounds.) Second favorite? The Crispy Half Duck with a Black Vinegar BBQ Glaze served with Seasonal Fruit and Vegetable Crepes. It’s a great date-night restaurant in the downtown Savannah area, and I highly recommend that you reserve a table here.

6. The Pirate House: If you want great-quality food in a more relaxed atmosphere, check out The Pirate House. First of all, the drinks are good! They have creative names and some come with souvenir glasses. They don’t have a website, but here’s their Open Table page, where you can view info, make reservations, and see the menu. The Low Country Spring Rolls are an excellent appetizer and The Pecan crusted fried chicken is really good! If you’re in the downtown area, you can find the Pirate house on E. Broad street, near Bay street.

7. Treylor Park/ Treylor Park Hitch/ Treylor Park Nocatee: Treylor Park is the name of the restaurant, but they have 3 locations with different menu items. As of now I’ve only visited HITCH, and only to-go. I’ve heard soooo many raves about their PB& J wings. Yes, peanut butter and jelly wings! If you imagined some weird combination of an elementary school peanut butter and- let’s be honest: there was no jelly– sandwich weirdly wrapped around chicken wings, then let’s be friends, because I thought the same thing. Fortunately, that’s not the case: the wings are fried and tossed with a peanut/pecan butter sauce and served with peach jam dipping sauce. I learned about the wings after quitting meat, so I’ll have to take your word for it. I had the veggie tacos, which weren’t the best, but I have friends who swear by the Shrimp and Grits tacos and the Cheesesteak Eggrolls.

8. Foxy Loxy Cafe: I discovered Foxy Loxy while waiting for an appointment with my esthetician. It’s almost like a local version of Starbucks, except a lot more…familiar. They brew their own coffees and drinks, with an option to purchase brews and cocktails as well.  If you stroll past their assortment of normal, vegan, and gluten free pastries and breads, you can order the best vegetarian tacos in the world. The tacos are seriously amazing, and are made-to-order. They also have a chicken taco and a beef & chorizo one. The chicken one is also really good but I’ve never had the chorizo one. Foxy Loxy is on Bull Street, and they hold regular events like “Fire and Wine”, where they offer 1/2 off wine, s’mores, and cheese boards on Saturdays.

9. Hao Mongolian grill: The best thing about this South-side spot is that every recipe is unique because you create it! They give you a metal bowl for your meal before you go to the two bars and collect your fresh veggies, meats, seasonings, and sauces. Once you’ve filled your bowl with raw food, you take it to the counter for the chef to cook it. Once it’s done, the server will bring your food to your table, or package it to go. If you’re in the Oglethorpe Mall area, check out Hao!

10. The Flying Monk Noodle Bar: Right in the middle of Broughton street (downtown) is where you can can your noodle fix. I’ve eaten here a few times, and each time I catch myself staring at the beautiful art inside. On their menu, you’ll find an array of Asian delicacies, with each dish’s country of origin labeled on the side. This is my main place to get my Pho fix. They serve a variety of pho combos, and their noodles for every dish are freshly made daily! I’ve also heard good things about the succulent pig, the duck dishes, the White Elephant, and the Ramen. They also serve a few Saki cocktails, beer, and wine.

11. Zunzi’s : Zunzi’s is a tiny restaurant nested one of the side streets of downtown Savannah. Honestly, Zunzi is extremely unique because their dishes are a delectable mixture of Swiss, Italian, South African and Dutch. There are only two locations: one in Savannah, and one in Atlanta. There’s no indoor seating, so prepare to sit out back at a table or take your order to-go. Here’s their menu. They are most famous for their Sh!t Yeah! Sauce, which is 100% vegan! (You wouldn’t even guess.) I always build my own “Padko” when I go, which is when you make your own combination. I also like the Curry Chicken Salad. If you’re scared to try something new, just ask: everyone is always really nice, full of energy, and excited for you to LIKE what you order. They will let you sample anything you like!  Also- be sure to at least try the South African Sweet Tea. I like it!

12. The Funky Brunch Cafe: Here you can get your favorite breakfast foods, but with a funky twist: there’s a hot griddle in the middle of your table! From the menu, you can order pancakes that you can cook right in front of you! The server will bring you a tray with a squeeze bottle of prepared pancake batter, a spatula, non-stick spray, and your choice of add-ins or toppings. It’s a pretty cool experience, but if you’re more of a I’m-not-doing-someone-else’s-job type person, they can make your pancakes for you. Also, if hot griddles seem hazardous to you, there’s a switch under the table to turn it off, and there are normal tables without griddles. If you peeped the menu, you probably know what my favorite dish is. I’m sorry I eat so much shrimp and grits. It’s just the best dish ever. And theirs comes with lobster and shrimp:  it’s called “Black and Bleu Sea Grits”.

13. Jazz’d Tapas Bar: This underground bar is tucked downtown near City market and offers tapas and live music. If you’ve never heard of tapas, they’re just small portions of delicious food. (In the Spanish culture, they’re used as appetizers and snacks.) At Jazz’d you can have it all: an amazing selection of tapas, great drinks, and live music! The tapas menu offers everything from lamb, chicken, pork, and even vegan and vegetarian options! I had a few tapas, and the black bean soup was absolutely delightful!

14. Belford’s Seafood and Steaks: This gem is found on the edge of City market and is known famously for their steaks. I’ve since cut meat (pork, beef, chicken, turkey, lamb) from my diet, so I chose a nice salmon dish with roasted brussel sprouts from the menu. The drinks were equally delicious and the service was impeccable. With small tables and dimmed lighting, the intimacy makes Belford’s the perfect date-night spot.

There you have it! My favorite restaurants to date. I still have a few places I haven’t visited yet, and I’d love to hear your new suggestions of dishes and restaurants! Leave a comment if you’ve tried any of these places too!

Until next time!


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