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Saving $anity: Walmart Grocery

One of the most mundane errands for me is grocery shopping. I hate shuffling through the crowded aisles of busy stores, I hate fussing with my impatient toddler in public, and I can definitely use those extra 2 hours for something else.

Earlier this year, I started using Walmart Grocery to do my shopping for me. Honestly, it’s been a real lifesaver- instead of spending hours in the grocery store (and another half-hour or so in line), I order my groceries online and pick them up. As an added bonus, I can see my total as I’m adding things to the cart, which helps me stay within my budget!

Walmart grocery is different from the Walmart online website, so first make sure you’re on the correct site. (There’s also a separate Walmart Grocery app, different than the Walmart app.)

  1. Login or Create an account. I’m pretty sure I used my normal login.login
  2. Choose your Walmart location. You can choose the one closest to your house, closest to work, or just one convenient for that day. Each time you order groceries, you can change your location if you want. Sometimes I even notice different availabilities of items with different stores. location
  3. Fill up your cart. All the departments can be seen from the menu on the left. You can browse through the departments, or if you already have a list, you can search for the item and add it to your cart. I especially like that you can order produce in .25 lb increments, which helps reduce waste.  Although the service is mainly for groceries, you an order certain things from other parts of the store also. I’ve ordered body wash, laundry detergent, toothpaste, and other things. I don’t see items like clothing and electronics on the site, which makes sense- that’s much too much fuss. departments
  4. Pick a time slot to pick up your order. The time slots are in 1-hour increments, so you’ll be able to pick up your groceries anytime during that hour. Sometimes I’m a little early or a little late, but I still receive my groceries after a short wait. If you order groceries in the morning, you can usually secure a slot for the afternoon of the same day. If not, just choose a slot for another day at a convenient time. You can reserve a time slot before filling your cart, but if you don’t check out by a certain time, the reservation will be cancelled anyway. (Your order won’t be cancelled, you’ll just have to choose another time slot.) The last reservation slot for the day is 7-8pm. reservation
  5. Checkout. After reserving your slot, you simply check out like any other online order. Walmart Grocery does not accept check, cash, or EBT- only debit, credit, and Walmart Gift cards. At checkout, you’ll see a list of everything you ordered, and you’ll have the option to receive substitutions if an item is (unknowingly) unavailable. If you leave the item checked, the Walmart associate will substitute the unavailable item for a similar one that is available. The substitution is never a downgrade- it’s usually a different flavor or size and you’re never charged more, even if there’s a price difference. If you choose to decline substitutions, you will simply be refunded the money for those items, if they are unavailable.list
  6. Pick up your order. When it’s time to pickup your groceries, drive and park in the designated area for Walmart Pickup. At my usual Walmart stores, there are orange signs and designated parking spaces. Call the number to check in, and they’ll come to the car and load your groceries. (Don’t worry- all your precious perishable items are stored in the cooler until you call.)
  7. Go home and enjoy the extra hours you saved by using grocery pickup!

If you’ve never tried Walmart Grocery, click here to sign up and save $10 off of your first order!

Have you ever used Walmart grocery? (or any other grocery pickup) What was your experience?

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