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Influenster: Discover, Review, & Share!

Influenster is a program that sends free products to customers in exchange for honest reviews and social media posts. It’s absolutely free, and no payment info is needed. I’ve been a member of the program for a few years now, and have received products such as new snacks, full size makeup products, cleaning products,food products, and hair products.

How it works

After creating an account, you complete your profile by linking your social media and answering questions about the types of things you like, products you use and buy, and activities you like to do. From there, an impact score is calculated based on how many social media followers you are estimated to reach.

Based on your demographics and impact score, you will be invited to Influenster campaigns that are tailored for you. At the beginning of the campaign, you will receive a Vox Box with the product(s) for the campaign. For example, in this Laura Mercier #FlawlessFusions campaign, I was given a full size foundation, concealer, and a mini banana powder to test and review.

Once you have your Vox Box , the next step is to try the product. I do my best to use the product exclusively in order to give a fair review. In the app, you’ll have social media tasks to complete in order to receive points towards a badge.

I am a beast at collecting badges. Check me out!


When writing reviews on social media, you always have to disclose that you received the product complementary for testing purposes. Sometimes, you can even earn bonus badges which will help you earn more free products from the company. I received a Dickinson water bottle, full size product, and head band after completing a bonus badge assignment for that campaign! For my upcoming campaign, I have the chance to score a $25 gift card for the bonus tasks.

If Influenster sounds like a program for you, Click here to sign up for FREE!

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