About the Authors

 The Glowing Twenties is a mother-daughter blog that shares two unique perspectives on life. Our main goal is to share our happiness, growth, experiences, and favorite products with you. The biggest benefit from this blog is to contribute to your glow: We want you to be able to take something from this blog and be able to better yourself in some way!


About Nia

My story begins approximately 20-something years ago, in Rosedale, New York. When I was six, my mom, my sister, and I migrated “down south” to Georgia. I was raised, with six siblings, in a small town called Thomasville, Ga before becoming a proud graduate of THE Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah, Ga. (side note: I have to represent as a proud alumna, as the school has since merged with another school and lost its identity.) Most of my working day is committed to teaching high school Science before changing into my SuperMom cape and heading home to my baby. We have one amazing son, Kai, who keeps me balanced…on my toes. When I’m not teaching, momming, or blogging, I’m painting my heart away for Love Letters Home Decor and More. I’m glowing through my Twenties, and we’re so excited to share that with you!


About Tanya


Nathan’s famous hot dogs, the infamous Cyclone, miles of beach and boardwalk, and the D train’s last stop at StillWell Avenue: These are the wonderful memories I’ve collected while growing up in Coney Island, Brooklyn. I was born in Harlem, New York, but raised in Brooklyn, where I graduated high school. Years later, after my second child, we moved to good ‘ole Georgia. P.S.- Adjusting to country life is a whole blog in itself! At 46, and still raising three of my seven beautiful children, I have plenty of life experience to share; with seven children and four grandchildren, you know I have a lot to talk about and alot to ask- You’re never too old to learn something new!
I worked in Health care for 16 years, and was even a substitute teacher for a few years- I LOVED it! Presently, I’m located in Southwest Georgia, working as a tax preparer for a major company. I feel fabulous at 46 and my GLOW is as radiant as it can be right now. Thank you for sharing this new journey with us! Until next time, remember- The Glow is real!