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Saving $anity: Walmart Grocery

One of the most mundane errands for me is grocery shopping. I hate shuffling through the crowded aisles of busy stores, I hate fussing with my impatient toddler in public, and I can definitely use those extra 2 hours for something else. Earlier this year, I started using Walmart Grocery to do my shopping for… Continue reading Saving $anity: Walmart Grocery

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Self Care: Brighter, Cleaner Teeth

As a child, I was always at the dentist office for cavities and teeth fillings. Now as an adult, I try to stay out of the dentist office, so they can stay out of my pockets. Here are my TOP 6 tips for brighter and cleaner teeth- for that everyday glow.   1. The Toothbrush… Continue reading Self Care: Brighter, Cleaner Teeth