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Black Seed Oil

I was first introduced to Black seed oil by my brother, who called me one day ranting and raving about it. He claimed that he had more energy and the oil seemed to be helping with his food cravings. We talked on the phone on Monday, and the next day I received a box in the mail (fast service huh?). Inside the box was a 16 oz bottle of black seed oil, 8 bars of Black seed soap and a bottle of Blacks seed oil capsules.

I’m willing to try anything once- especially if it’s natural and has multiple uses. After some research, Black seed oil seems to be the go-to oil that can be used for everything. Although it has been around for centuries,I am personally just hearing about Black seed oil. There is so much information on how beneficial this oil is to your overall health and immune system! I’ve even read that traces of Black seed was found buried in the tomb with King Tut and that Cleopatra used the Black seed oil on her skin.

The Black seed oil, soap and capsules

What is Black Seed Oil?

Black seed oil is made from seeds from the Nigella Sativa plant is also known as Black cumin, black coriander, black seed, kalonji oil, fennel flower, and Nigella seed- just to name a few. The Black seed is native to the Middle East (places like Pakistan and India. Nigella Sativa seeds (Black seeds) are small, black, rough textured seeds that contain oil that is extracted with a cold pressed machine. Most people consume the concentrated oil extract because it’s easily absorbed by the body this way. Black seed oil is referred to as Natures Miracle Cure and the remedy for every illness except death. What makes this oil so miraculous are its immune-boosting ingredients like Thymoquinone, which has antioxidant properties.

Benefits of Black Seed oil

Doctors and healers have used Black seed oil for thousands of years and to cure everything but death and have called the oil the greatest healing herb of all times. It is believed to treat abscesses, acne, arthritis, asthma, backaches, cancers, chronic skin conditions ( such as eczema and psoriasis), colds, coughs, diarrhea, diabetes type 2 (by decreasing insulin resistance), the flu, headaches, high blood pressure, infertility, immune problems, kidney stones, nasal and allergy inflammation and infection, respiratory skin and stomach disorders/pain, parasites toothaches and infections like MRSA.


For your skin

Anyone who knows me knows I am The Coconut oil Queen (and yassss I have some of the coconut oil w/ cocoa my daughter blogged about in her Punta Cana trip and it is divine!!). I live, breathe, and literally consume coconut oil- just wait on my blog post about that! If you have a toothache, bump, irritation, or itchy anything, my answer? Coconut oil. Well, I found something that made me put my coconut oil down- even for just 2 seconds!

I’ve read that Black seed oil is anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and antiviral. I was very excited about trying the oil and soap because I have three children and two grands that suffer from eczema and so far, the oil has been working . I tried it on my younger son, who has the severe food allergies. He was currently suffering from a slight eczema/allergy flare up and had scaly patches on the heels of his feet. I started using the black seed oil, rubbing it directly on the patch before he put his shoes on and after he came out the shower. About a week later, I noticed the skin healing- the cracked skin and dryness was GONE!

The Black seed oil keeps the skin moist and has properties that heal scars and prevent scar formation, cutting the healing time in half. Black seed oil can also balance melanin production, explaining Cleopatra’s flawless, toned cocoa skin!

Do some research and tell me what you think about Black seed oil. Have you ever tried it? Let me know if Black seed oil helps your GLOW! My next plan is to make a whipped body butter for my kids’ dry skin with the Black seed oil,so stay tuned for that post!

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    1. Hey Leya Thanks for subscribing! You can find the Black seed oil online( My brother used Amazon for my oil) or in your local health food store, look for pure unrefined oil and remember the darker it is the better, less additives in it. Try it and let us know about your experience. Tell Tangela to subscibe!

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