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The Eating Guide: 14 great places to eat in Savannah, GA

This post is about my absolute favorite places to eat in Savannah. I've been in the area just shy of 10 years, so I've accumulated a few of restaurants to my list. As a disclaimer, almost none of these restaurants are fast food or chains. I like it that way: cooked food wins over cheaply… Continue reading The Eating Guide: 14 great places to eat in Savannah, GA

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Saving $anity: Walmart Grocery

One of the most mundane errands for me is grocery shopping. I hate shuffling through the crowded aisles of busy stores, I hate fussing with my impatient toddler in public, and I can definitely use those extra 2 hours for something else. Earlier this year, I started using Walmart Grocery to do my shopping for… Continue reading Saving $anity: Walmart Grocery

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Product Review: Laura Mercier Cosmetics

Laura Mercier is an award-winning cosmetic line by artist Laura Mercier. I've been lucky enough to receive some of her products, complimentary, through Influenster. (You can read more about that program here.) In a previous VoxBox , I received the Laura Mercier foundation, concealer, and setting powder. To see what I got this time, watch… Continue reading Product Review: Laura Mercier Cosmetics


Orlando, FL: Avoiding Disney!

This year, we decided to spend a dew days in Orlando, FL for family vacation. Although we love Mickey mouse, July is NOT the ideal time for our family to visit Disney world. To each, his own- but in my spare time I don't fancy sweating profusely in the unforgiving Florida sun, wrestling with our… Continue reading Orlando, FL: Avoiding Disney!